bandom with a dash of mcu and a side of teen wolf and other fannish stuffs.podficcer with a smathering of fanfic. expect no real substance. mostly shiny things with a side of social commentary.

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It's Always Something


all the hand-flappy goodness
Thinky Thoughts
Gerard Way
Melt Your Headaches, Call It Home
flattered, but uninterested;
Asexual Advice
vittoria agli assassini
Fangirl Since Birth
little beast, are you as wild as me?
Awesomely Adorable Animals
The Bite is a Gift
Bumble Bee
there was no choice to make
Sugar, Sex, and Very Little Sleep
curse of the wereotter
but i knew him
end of the line
now is a ship
Stay alive. Stay strong. Live on.
long live the queen.
dear monday,
Seanan's Tumblr
Fuck the Moon
The Home For Wayward Cats
Dylan News
DJ Ease My Mind
I'm glad you came
that's probably valid
Shadowhurt's Corner
The Rising Wall
Here is a thing
why do you stare up at the lonesome sky?
Fall Out Boy
moon heart
This is nothing but today
Breadcrumbs and Butterbeans
Mark Ruffalo
fanart abound
.werewolf wagon: a sterek fic rec blog
photoshop resources
Suddenly, SALAD
Pete Wentz - A Homeboy's Life
Seahorse Girl
the anna katherine co-op of evil
The Tumblr Experiment
spoonful of sterek
Fine Line Between a 50's Housewife and Gerard Way
Eternal Contradiction
Be creative;
intergalactic booty opportunist
Ockapus Dreams
Ray Toro's Stern Thighs
I'm not sure this was a good idea
hot damn! seriously?
A Bliss of Another Kind
Essential Ephemera
Most Important Things Ever
Geek Dame
Just a Shining Artifact of the Past
Madeline's Ramblings
live and let die, or something
squickmunks can tumblr?
pichu on steroids
i broke an antique spoon :)
Kitty's Devil
awesome people hanging out together
Gerard Way
Fuck Yeah, Empires!
Cosas cool
Fuck Yeah Tom Conrad!
heart as loud as lions
I Should Be Sewing
Slipping on the banana peels of life
my heart aches, my bones break
My Junk Drawer
blah blah blah
Teen Wolf Recs
Marvel Recs
Podfic Love
Fix Me in 45
Painted Recommendations
podfic platypus
Asexual Bad Asses
Aces Up!
agents of shield caps
look at the lawman.
The Drugstore Princess
Have a flower? (ノ・ω・)ノ ✿
3 seasons and a movie